Green Applied Sciences
The Innovators of Digital Lamp Technology

Green Applied Sciences is composed of the world’s leading lighting scientists and application engineers. The
Green Applied Sciences team has decades of experience in the disciplines of lighting, engineering, plasma science, controlled environment agriculture and more. Green Applied Sciences knew in the very beginning of these technologies, that a digital lamp must be made to match the digital ballast, so Green Applied Sciences
created SunPulse® Brand Lamps  in 1999 and introduced the first digital HID lamp in the world.

What sets
Green Applied Sciences apart is that we’re plant scientists who make lighting and other products for plants. Other companies make lighting for human vision and products for human convenience, not for the living thing underneath them.  We didn't invent the science, we just reference it.

We know that life on Earth has evolved with the Sun, it’s an indisputable fact. As human beings we don’t get to re-invent the process of photosynthesis and evolution, we can only mimic that light as best as possible. At
Green Applied Sciences, we have replicated sunlight digitally, the best that humans can possibly make it for plants and other living things.

Why digital lighting? The Sun is high frequency. If we want to make artificial light behave more like natural Sunlight then we need to make artificial light high frequency. Digital lighting makes for a higher quality of light that’s good for all living things... if you have the proper lamp and ballast combination.  

Like a speaker and an amplifier, having compatible lamps and ballasts is critical to getting the most of the light you pay money to make. Don’t buy H.I.D. lamps and electronic ballasts that aren’t a matched set! Buying mismatched components creates hardware conflicts that cause premature failures. This is why  
Green Applied Sciences has a “certification” process for electronic ballasts, to insure that consumers get a proper working matched set that won’t fail before its time.   

Green Applied Sciences Testing Laboratories have set the standards for digital lighting around the world. With the most advanced testing gear available, and a deeper understanding of the technologies, GAS has set the parameters and references for the best use and safe operation of both the digital lamp and the digital ballast.
Green Applied Sciences, can now offer and recommend the very best  gear in the world for growers to match and use safely.